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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A favorite memory of Lindsey

Lindsey Ferris
I have a lot of great memories of Lindsey. She was such a warm, fun person to be around. But a particular favorite of mine (aside from the many sleepovers when Lindsey would talk in her sleep!) would be during our senior year of high school. It was Halloween. Lindsey was dressed as a Ninja Turtle of the Teenage Mutant variety. She was one of the few people that could pull a gag like this off without anyone making fun of her (well, I'm sure a number of her friends ribbed her for this, but that's beside the point). It was a costume she'd borrowed from friends of the family.

We left the school to drive to the local mall for lunch. Lindsey was sitting in the backseat, while another friend of ours drove. That particular friend was smoking (what many of you have probably heard Lindsey refer to as "cancer sticks"). Lindsey was so worried that the beloved turtle costume would smell like smoke. But instead of berating our friend, Lindsey just sat in the backseat and started coughing, going on and on until we were all laughing. Needless to say, the cigarette was put out. Leave it to her to make it a comedy.
-Amanda Butterfield


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