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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A Call to Action

I've never blogged before, but it's 2006 now, so here I go:

Where to begin? There are so many things to say about Lindsey. Lindsey was always a fountain of energy and positivity. But she was so many more things than that all at once: she was hilarious and sensitive, thoughtful and fun, accomplished and humble. She could be the wackiest and most fun or she could be the sweetest and most caring. She was all of these things at the same time. She was one of a kind.

I hope that the knowledge that Lindsey is still out there in this world making a difference — through so many people's memories of her — is a comfort to her family and those closest to her. I hope that Lindsey's friends from all phases, high school, college, grad school, DC, Germany, will post their stories and memories to this site.

I think that if we all keep her spirit going, keep her memories alive, or even create a community (though cyber) around her, that could be a great comfort to her family.

I myself have so many questions that come from not seeing Lindsey since right after college, but she was such an amazing person and friend throughout high school and after. If you went to college with her, or grad school with her, or if you were in Germany with her, or if you've known her all your life, you must have known a new or different side of her, but I am sure she was still just the same: positive, energetic, genuine, thoughtful, enthusiastic, motivated, smart, wacky, funny, sensitive. I would love to hear any Lindsey stories that you can share. I would love to see photos. I would love to be caught up.
Please share.
-liz judge


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