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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Lindsey spent her last 2 years living in my parent's apartment in Spangdahlem, Germany and has grown very close to our entire family. She would come upstairs to hang out with my mother, join us all for meals, and played with my children. We loved having her around us and share our German traditions and we hope that she felt like part of the family.

A fond memory is when her parents and grandmother visited this past summer and we spent several evenings grilling outside. Last Halloween she came over to our house to carve pumpkins with my kids. They had so much fun together. In November she was at my daughter's 11th birthday party and met with more friends and family. It meant a lot to us; especially my daughter. It was very special to us that Lindsey took time out of her busy schedule to share her time with us.

She was such an honorable, friendly and cheerful person. How exciting to have such a bright young women with endless drive and ambition amongst us.

We loved her dearly and will miss sharing our family life and traditions with her.

The Gerten Family!


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