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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Lindsey in Germany

I'm so glad this blog was started so everyone can celebrate Lindsey's life. She was such an amazing person. I was so sad and upset when I heard of Lindsey's passing. I just didn't understand why someone with so much potential was taken away so quickly without an explanation. God had a better plan for her and I believe that Lindsey is planning her next adventure from "up there". Lindsey has touched so many peoples lives all over the world. It is evident after you read her guest book. There aren't enough words to describe the kind of person Lindsey was.

I met Lindsey in Oct 2003 right after she got to Spangdahlem. I was on recovery from a surgery I just had. She and our friend Renee came over for my birthday to have cake and watch movies. I liked her from the minute I met her. After that, Renee, myself and Lindsey were three peas in a pod. Renee and I worked in an office that was filled with men and married women. So, it was nice to finally add another "single" girl to our group and to also "feed the fire" in our office, so to speak. Our group was close knit. Being in the military, you tend to gravitate to your friends as your family. We were always going out to eat, making dinner at each others houses, or just hanging out. I remember how fascinated I was to hear all the things Lindsey had accomplished at such a young age. How driven she was to be the best she could be. Like everyone has said thus far, she had such an infectious personality; you couldn't help feel the excitement...even if we were just going out to eat!!! I have been racking my brain for a favorite Lindsey memory...and I can't think of just one. I have many. May it be our trip to Poland, our outings to the Speicher Pub (a small bar in Germany) or just simply being here friend. I love you Lindsey, thanks for being my friend.

Denise DeJesus
Minot AFB, ND


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